How To Get $20 For Free – Easy Trick You Can Do Right Now with NetSpend

Hey Pennies! Want $20? Here’s a way to get it for free!

This has already been tested by our staff in advance, and it worked! Here are the steps:

1.) Go to this link and create a free NetSpend account. In order to receive the $20 bonus, you’ll need to use this referral code: 3230418501

2.) Your NetSpend “Visa” Debit card is projected to arrive within 10 business days. Mine made it to me in 3.

3.) Upon arrival of your new card, you just have to log into your NetSpend account and activate it.

4.) To receive the FREE $20, it will be necessary to load your card with an initial amount of $40 (minimum–you can add more, if you’d like) via a bank account, PayPal, or any one of many other options. The particular option of “free instant bank transfer” is appealing because it’s able to be completed with no additional fees.

5.) Upon loading the $40.00, NetSpend will increase the available balance on your card by $20. Again, this has been tested by the brave staff at, and we were successful!


6.) The next time you’re at an ATM, you can then use your NetSpend card to withdraw $60 or just use the card itself for purchases with online or local merchants. It can be used virtually everywhere that you can already use a credit card.

It’s so easy! I initiated the process on February 22nd, received the card on February 26th, pushed $40 to the card from my PayPal on the 27th, the bonus showed up in my account the 28th, and I was able to pull out the full $60 the following day!

*Currently, this promotion is only available for residents of the United States. It also only available to new NetSpend accounts. If you have an existing NetSpend account, be sure to pass this on to any family and friends of yours that you think might like a FREE $20!

Good Luck Pennies!

In the interest of full disclosure: SmarterPennies also receives $20 for your referral. We particularly enjoy such arrangements because of their mutually beneficial nature. We all win!