Make Money Simply By Browsing The Internet, Watching Videos, And Taking Surveys. Swagbucks Is The Does-It-All Side Hustle

It’s summer (finally!), but it’s never too early to start saving for Christmas. Or Hannukah. Or Christmahanakwanzica. Whatever your thing is, Swagbucks is a great little portal to making you some extra cash. And, if we’re being honest, it’s that way all year round.

Swagbucks provides an online mechanism for cashback shopping at 1500+ retailers. Among the retail entities available are Target, Amazon, Walmart and even Starbucks. You’ll earn Swagbucks (SB) with every dollar you spend and will also be able to gain access to exclusive coupons and deals to some of your other favorite retailers.


SBs are the ‘currency’ of the Swagbucks system and you redeem them for gift cards from major retailers but can also directly cash out some of your points through PayPal. The great thing is, there’s actually even more ways to earn them than just where you shop. There is also…

Searching The Web

When you do online searches utilizing the Swagbucks search engine (powered by Yahoo), you rack up points simply by searching for things that you’d already be searching for. Unless you have something against the internet, there’s no downside. You can also…

Take Surveys

There are a number of survey sites out there, but Swagbucks is unique for it’s additional features. When it comes right down to it though, you could treat it like any other paid survey site and just make money that way. Or you could, you know, diversify and…

Watch Videos

Considering how much time the average American spends watching videos online, this is hardly a sacrifice in terms of things that one can do with their time to make a little extra money. Swagbucks will put together a playlist of videos (presumably for research purposes) that are entertaining and…you just watch them. That’s all. Unless I’m forgetting something. Oh yeah, that’s right! There’s the little detail of “and get paid while you do it!”. Obviously you won’t make millions of dollars, but you will earn decidedly more of them than zero. Which brings me to…

Play Games

When you make in-game purchases while playing games from Swagbucks partner, GSN, you can also earn…you guessed it–more SBs. When you play Swagbucks’ free, original games you can also earn SBs at random. Finally…

You Can Do It All On-The-Go

Swagbucks actually has a mobile app that enables you to do your shopping, surveying, game playing, and video watching all while you’re out and about, and/or stuck in line at the DMV.

So, what are you waiting for?

Life is all about weighing the cost-to-benefit ratios of the various things we engage in. Considering that, in the case of Swagbucks, the cost of participation is $0 and the rewards are substantially more than that, what’s holding you back? You also get a $5 bonus to start. So, let’s do this! Start making money from home, today, with Swagbucks.