Continuing a more extensive breakdown of the individual survey sites that we covered here, our tour now takes us to Springboard America. We had previously indicated that, in the realm of free, paid survey sites that Springboard America was our favorite. Although I’m individually a big fan of Swagbucks as well, that fact is still true. Let’s talk about why!

Springboard America is a market research company. On their website, they describe how their data is used:  “We are commissioned to design and oversee research to help our clients learn more about the values, attitudes, tastes and preferences of Americans. Our clients come from both the private and public sectors including the media, government bodies, not-for-profit groups, and private companies and your feedback helps these clients make more informed decisions based on what is important to Americans like you.”


Participating in Springboard America’s surveys is compelling because it’s always a cool experience to feel like you’ve contributed to a discussion. Especially when it’s about things that can actually impact your life–that’s a reward in and of itself. However, Springboard America is featured in our series on paid survey sites for a reason: You can make money online with them, from home.

Their reward structure, like many of the other sites we’ve referenced is points-based, but with an additional twist. Some of their shorter surveys may only pay out 50 rewards points, while longer ones may be 200. The wildcard is that another category of surveys pays by giving access to various sweepstakes prizes, which can be very lucrative. The individual points can be redeemed for gift cards to various major retailers, as well as cash prizes.

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There are some requirements for being a part of Springboard America that you must meet, but they’re mostly pretty standard. If you’re over 18, and a resident of the U.S., you are eligible. The one caveat there is that you can’t be an employee in the market research field.

So if you meet those basic requirements, and want to start making money in your free time, sign up for Springboard America now!