Cancel Subscriptions Automatically, Get Money Back For Shopping, Dining, and Groceries. This New Personal Finance App Rocks.

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Tell me if this is familiar. You log into your primary checking account and find that your balance, even after accounting for that forgotten impulse spree from last weekend, is still another eighty or so dollars below where you had expected it to be. It’s a common problem, and its cause is almost always the same: Forgotten subscriptions.


Now, I don’t want to live in a world where subscriptions or monthly fees for things aren’t an option, but it’s also very easy to lose track of just how many of them we accumulate over time. You might be surprised to see you’re still be paying for a streaming or audio service that you simply don’t use enough or that just isn’t very good anymore. You also might still be getting charged for a gym membership from an establishment you’ve long since switched from. You’ve maybe even called to cancel, but the charge still shows up on the ‘expense’ column of your monthly, personal log with maddening consistency.

Introducing Trim. Trim is a financial assistance tool that can help you automatically…*ahem!*…TRIM some of those expenses from your life without the often-tedious process of calling or emailing to cancel. The service is free.

Trim AppOnce installed, the app works by authorizing Trim to cancel your pesky subscriptions via text. You just text “Cancel ____.” They then contact the billing entity on your behalf – typically with a template email, and occasionally with a phone call. In the case of that obnoxiously persistent gym membership, and other merchants like them, they’ll use certified mail.

Trim’s algorithms will scan your statements and look for merchant names that are already known to use recurring payments, e.g. The New York Times, Netflix, and Spotify. This method identifies 98% of your subscriptions instantly – even if you subscribed very recently. After that, their system looks for recurring payments of the same amount to the same merchant in sequential months. They leave out merchants like coffee shops, where you may be buying the same drink every week but it’s not a subscription.

Since the app does require access to your online banking information to work, some may be worried about security. Rest assured, the process is as safe as can be. Trim uses 256-bit SSL encryption on their website, encrypted databases, and two-factor authentication when you sign in.

So are you ready to download the Trim app and start getting back some of your own money? Download the app for free now!

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