Want To Make Money Online From Home? Check Out CashCrate, Where You Get Paid To Provide Feedback

Have you ever looked at a brand new product, and wondered how it got such glowing reviews written on its packaging or website, yet you’ve never actually seen it before? Well, while we can’t say that an ad would never intentionally lie to you, it’s actually much more likely that the manufacturer tested the product on real, live people before they launched it to the public. And with CashCrate, you can be one of those live, real people! Well…like, in this context. I mean, if you’re reading this, you’re presumably alive already. So…uh…yea–moving on!

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Here’s how it works

1. You go over to CashCrate.com and sign up for free

2. You try out products and services for companies and provide your feedback.

That’s it. Two steps.

But then you can also make money from home with CashCrate by…

Taking Surveys

We’ve previously detailed a number of different ways that a person can make money online, from home, simply by taking surveys. CashCrate, aside from its other features, also has a survey component. You’re not going to get rich off of taking surveys, but I challenge you to find another way to make money that takes less brainpower than filling them out while you’re watching Netflix or Hulu.


Good businesses thrive on word of mouth. Even better businesses reward you for helping to spread that word of mouth. With Cashcrate, you are rewarded for any referrals you make. There are two levels to it (which means Kendrick Lamar would approve). You get paid 20% of what your referrals make and 10% of what THEIR referrals make. As you refer more users to CashCrate, these levels increase until you’re earning as much as 30% of your referral’s earnings and 20% of their referrals’ earnings. Plus, you get extra cash bonuses along the way. CashCrate has some users that make up to $1,000 a month on the referrals alone.

Can you hear me?


This is a new one. CashCrate will actually give you points and reward you for socializing with other CashCrate users. They will do the same for playing games and winning contests. They really seem to want to foster a kind of mutually affirming community that motivates itself, and it seems to work. They even have a ‘wall’ (the digital kind, obviously) where users can send in images of checks they’ve been sent in order to motivate other users.

So, do you want to put a picture of your first check on the wall too? Sign up for CashCrate here now, for free